It is rumored that Microsoft has obtained a supply license to Huawei! Huawei will usher in a comprehensive lifting of the ban?

On November 6, according to the British Financial Times, Microsoft’s application to supply Huawei has been approved by the US Department of Commerce recently, and Microsoft’s Windows operating system can continue to be licensed to Huawei. Prior to this, upstream component suppliers such as Intel, AMD, Samsung Display, Sony, and Skyworks have all obtained licenses to resume supply to Huawei.

But even so, the supply of key main control SoC chips, memory chips, flash memory chips and other key components required by Huawei’s mobile phone business has not been restored. Although there have been rumors that TSMC may obtain a license to continue to supply some non-advanced process products to Huawei. However, the news has not been confirmed by TSMC at present. Even if TSMC gets a license, it only means that some of Huawei’s HiSilicon self-developed chips that are not based on advanced manufacturing processes can resume manufacturing, but self-developed mobile phone chips, AI chips and 5G base station chips that require advanced manufacturing processes will still be affected. limit.

In addition, it is reported that the application of Qualcomm and MediaTek to supply Huawei is also close to approval. However, judging from some previous revelations, it is likely that they can only supply 4G chips, and the supply of 5G chips will still be limited.

Although the United States has recently begun to gradually release the licenses for many manufacturers to supply Huawei, this does not mean that the United States has given up its suppression of Huawei. The US move may be more to reduce the too much negative impact on US domestic companies and allied companies due to the suppression of Huawei. However, some people still believe that judging from the current U.S. election situation, it is very likely that Biden will be successfully elected as the next U.S. president, and after Biden is elected, Sino-U.S. relations are expected to ease, and the blockade against Huawei is expected to be fully liberalized by then.

However, in the opinion of Xinzhixun, no matter which candidate in the Republican Party or the Democratic Party comes to power in the United States, its strategy of suppressing China will not change, but the methods and degrees of intensity used are different. The so-called full liberalization of sanctions against Huawei does not exist, and we should not have such illusions about the United States. It is still necessary to work hard to improve the comprehensive strength of the local semiconductor industry chain.


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