Tesla officially pushes multiple upgrades to the V10 vehicle system, autopilot can recognize double solid lines

Tesla officially pushes multiple upgrades to the V10 vehicle system, autopilot can recognize double solid lines

Recently, Tesla officially pushed the V10 car system to users. This is also Tesla’s biggest system upgrade since it launched the V9 system for a year last year. The main functions are: theater mode, karaoke, cup head game, sentinel mode function upgrade, map function upgrade, vehicle view function upgrade, etc. Musk has previously said that Tesla will install free Wi-Fi at Supercharger stations so owners can use the feature while charging.

The upgraded system will allow Tesla cars to use streaming services while parked and connected to WiFi. Currently, there are three streaming service options in Tesla’s car system, namely Netflix, YouTube and Tesla Tutorials.

CARAOKE (Karaoke)

The feature allows users to sing karaoke in the car and choose whether to play vocal tracks. Lyrics are also shown on the vehicle Display when the vehicle is parked. While the lyrics are not displayed on the screen when the vehicle is moving, karaoke tracks can be played while driving.

CUPHEAD–TESLA EDITION (Tesla version of Cuphead game)

Cuphead is a casual third-person shooter game developed by Microsoft and has gained a good reputation on the Xbox platform. Today, the game has been ported to the Tesla V10 car system, which supports the Xbox controller with USB interface.

Feeling Lucky or Hungry?

When the user clicks the Hungary or Lucky button in the address bar of the map, the car system will recommend local restaurants or nearby attractions for the car owner based on the map application in the system.


JOE mode is a function that reduces the sound interference of passengers in the car by reducing the prompt volume of the Tesla vehicle while driving. When there is a baby in the car or a passenger falls asleep, turn on this function, and the car will lower the sound to reduce the disturbance to the passenger.

In addition, the Tesla V10 system has also been optimized for a number of functions. For example, the target lane will turn blue when changing lanes automatically; when the sentry mode is turned on, the recorded video file will support overwriting the previous file when the memory is about to be full; the map can view more information about the target address; The UI is also richer, and the vehicle can recognize more types of vehicles and display them in the interface.

In general, this Tesla V10 update is very rich in content, especially in terms of entertainment; however, the enhancements to automatic driving functions have not appeared in this update, and we look forward to the follow-up OTA upgrade.

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