Lumi releases human presence sensor: equipped with millimeter wave radar

On December 30, Lumi released the Aqara human presence sensor FP1, equipped with a new generation of millimeter wave radar sensor, which will take you into a new world of perception. The initial price is 399 yuan, and it is now available in the Aqara Home smart home experience hall.


The current human body sensor can only detect the movement of the human body, but cannot judge the existence of the human body. If the user maintains a fixed posture for a long time, the human body sensor cannot feel the presence of a person.

When a person is reading or studying in the study or going to the bathroom, the human body sensor cannot feel the human body, and the problem of turning off the lights may occur.

The Aqara human presence sensor FP1 can monitor a static human body through millimeter wave radar and accurately determine whether there is a human.

It adopts a high frequency band of 60GHz, which can perform various detections such as spatial positioning and proximity distance. The monitoring range covers a horizontal angle of 120° and a radial detection of 5 meters.

The Aqara human presence sensor FP1 can also realize the intelligent linkage of the whole house, and it is connected to Apple HomeKit.

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