Huawei detonated the 270 billion track; Meituan entered the game with 170 million chips; YMTC was included in the entity list? Luo Yonghao doing autonomous driving? OPPO releases the first 6G white paper

  Huawei detonated the 270 billion track
On July 12, Huawei officially announced that the HarmonyOS Developer Day was scheduled to be held in Hangzhou on July 31. During the new technology presentation session, “the “HarmonyOS card game you never imagined” appeared, which instantly became the focus of market attention.
After the opening of the market on July 13, the A-share game sector collectively rose sharply. Xunyou Technology, Zhongqingbao, Renzixing and other stocks gained 20% of the daily limit. Caesars Culture, Shengtian Network, Kaiying Network and many other stocks also collectively increased. Rising has become one of the most popular concepts of A-shares that day.
In fact, this year, Huawei’s move into games has been very intensive. At the end of July, Huawei Game Center will participate in 2021 China Joy for the first time. At that time, Huawei Game Center will bring 40 high-quality games. In addition, Huawei has already started to aggressively “recruiting soldiers and horses”, recruiting game talents with high salaries, ranging from 40,000+ to 100,000+ per month.
According to the “2020 China Game Industry Report”, the number of Chinese game users in 2020 will exceed 660 million, and the actual sales revenue of the Chinese game market will be 278.687 billion yuan. Perhaps what the market is looking forward to more is that Huawei has entered the game field at this time. Has it seen the timing of the outbreak of the 5G+ cloud game industry? Will it detonate a new outlet?

  Meituan’s 170 million chips
Tianyancha shows that recently, Shanghai Zhiyanxin semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. conducted a B round of financing, and Meituan affiliated company Kuxun Technology and Meituan Industrial Fund Meituan Longzhu all appeared on investors.
In addition, investors include Wangtai Henghui Investment Fund, Tianchuang Capital, Yaotu Capital, GGV Jiyuan Capital, and Fengyuan Capital.
Kuxun Technology and Meituan Dragon Ball are all subsidiaries or affiliated companies of Meituan. Beijing Kuxun Technology Co., Ltd. is wholly-owned by Xigua Limited, and Mu Rongjun, the co-founder of Meituan, is the executive director.
At the same time, Shanghai Zhiyanxin Semiconductor Technology underwent an industrial and commercial change, adding Beijing Kuxun Technology Co., Ltd., an affiliate of Meituan, as shareholders, and the company’s registered capital increased from about 175 million yuan to about 205 million yuan.

  Luo Yonghao doing autonomous driving?
A few days ago, it was reported that according to industry insiders, Luo Yonghao, the chief recommendation officer of Make a Friend, has been working in Shenzhen for many days, with the purpose of researching a new project, which is related to autonomous driving. It is said that the potential investor is DJI. The news also said that Luo Yonghao will leave the live broadcast e-commerce industry after paying off his debts and will focus most of his energy on new projects. In response, Luo Yonghao responded through the “Make a Friend Live Room” Weibo official Weibo platform: The news is not true.

  Yangtze River Storage is included in the Entity List?
On the morning of July 13, according to foreign media reports, some members of the U.S. Congress sent a letter to U.S. Commerce Secretary Raimondo on the 12th local time.
According to the report, the letter pointed out that YMTC is a government-controlled and military-linked enterprise that manufactures memory chips that can be widely used in defense, artificial intelligence and aerospace.
At the same time, the letter also said that YMTC managers had previously worked at the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, which is related to SMIC and the Chinese military.
Among other things, the letter said, YMTC supplies the Chinese military through a vast network of branches and affiliates of its parent company, Tsinghua Holdings.
Based on the above-mentioned so-called “evidence”, the relevant US congressmen believe that YMTC has a relationship with the Chinese military and require the US Department of Commerce to “play a leading role in this emergency” and include YMTC on the Entity List to prevent YMTC Storage acquires the technology needed to continue to engage in activities contrary to U.S. national security in order to maintain and protect U.S. national security.

OPPO releases the first 6G white paper
July 13 News (Ding Fan) Today, Liu Bo, President of OPPO China, announced that OPPO officially released the first 6G white paper – “6G Network Architecture Powered by AI Cube”. Liu Bo said that we believe that 6G networks will reshape the way people interact with AI and make AI truly infrastructure. At present, OPPO has formed a pre-research team for 6G to carry out early research work. Perhaps the AI ​​era of integration of all things will soon come. This is one of the systematic elaborations in the industry on how artificial intelligence (AI) can empower the 6G system architecture, and provides a more detailed solution for the design of the next-generation communication network architecture.
It is reported that OPPO has set up a pre-research team for 6G to carry out early research work on 6G business and technical requirements, key technologies, system characteristics, etc., and has initially established an AI simulation training platform for related technical ideas.

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