TE Connectivity participates in the 2021 World Artificial Intelligence Conference

Shanghai, China – July 9, 2021 – TE Connectivity (“TE”) participated in the 2021 World Artificial Intelligence Conference. Focusing on the theme of this conference “Intelligent Connected World, All Wisdom Becomes a City”, TE took “Future Perception, Let Me Prophet-Intelligent Sensing Technology Empower the IoT World” as the theme, and shared with the guests the intelligent transmission in the era of Internet of Everything. He felt the development and application of edge intelligence, and expressed unique insights on how sensing technology can empower the intelligent future and help the development of smart city infrastructure, smart buildings, smart factories, smart elderly care and home furnishing.

Mr. Li Guangpeng, head of the Asia Pacific Marketing Department of TE’s Sensor Division, said: “Sensing technology is the starting point for artificial intelligence and the Internet of Everything. As the hardware foundation for the implementation of artificial intelligence application scenarios, sensors also affect the development of the artificial intelligence industry to a certain extent. Quality and direction. TE’s intelligent, miniaturized, and low-power sensors can collect high-quality data, so that every industry and individual in the future intelligent world can get more opportunities to perceive and explore unknown areas, thereby Creating a safer, sustainable, efficient and connected future.”

Extend the city’s “perception” and promote the upgrading of urban intelligence

Infrastructure is the foundation of a smart city. In the future, infrastructure will continue to develop in the direction of intelligence, networking, and digitization. The establishment of an intelligent management platform based on sensors and the Internet of Things can greatly improve the utilization of resources and make flexible adjustments according to actual needs.

Smart gas meters are an important part of smart city infrastructure. The rapid development of the Internet of Things technology and the proposal of the national “dual carbon” goal continue to drive the rapid development of smart residential gas metering. As the carrier of data collection and transmission, the role of sensors has become increasingly prominent. TE applies advanced sensing technology to smart gas meters, and monitors the gas volume through differential pressure, so as to accurately obtain the gas consumption data of each household, which not only improves the energy management mode of utilities, but also protects consumers. legitimate interests.

In addition to smart meters, sensors also play a vital role in monitoring urban underground pipe networks such as water supply, drainage, gas, electricity, and heat. In the field of thermal pipe network monitoring, TE’s low-frequency and high-sensitivity vibration sensors can accurately monitor abnormal vibration signals caused by tiny cracks, provide accurate and effective data for the thermal department, and then determine whether there is leakage. Minimize the occurrence of safety accidents and protect the normal operation of the “city lifeline”.

Empowering health management and building a new ecosystem of smart medical care

In addition to perfect infrastructure, medical security capacity is also an important indicator for urban residents to feel more secure and happy. Smart healthcare is an important part of a smart city. It can provide an aging society with smarter and warmer innovative solutions and help more and more elderly people enjoy a more convenient, safer and more decent high-quality old age life. .

In response to the night-time risk management of the elderly, TE applies high-sensitivity piezoelectric thin-film sensing technology to smart mattresses to continuously and accurately identify the user’s breathing rate, heart rate and other vital signs and body without disturbing the user. Parameters such as moving and getting out of bed can be uploaded to the cloud data center to help the elderly create personalized sleep feedback and suggestions, and also provide an important basis for reliable and scientific nighttime risk management and the formulation of healthy pension plans. At the same time, the data collected by the sensor also provides strong support for more than ten common risk behaviors or disease prediction data models including nocturia, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Health and Safety.

Mr. Li Guangpeng added, “Relying on industry-leading design and innovative technologies, TE sensors can be used in application scenarios such as medical diagnosis and treatment, general health and telemedicine, laying the foundation for the high-quality development of the medical industry and escorting people’s health. “

Develop predictive maintenance strategies for the smart factory of the future

Promoting the development of factories in the direction of intelligence also helps to accelerate the implementation of smart cities. Predictive maintenance is an important part of future smart factories and one of the important applications of the Industrial Internet of Things. Equipment condition monitoring is the basis of predictive maintenance. Through sensing technology, it can identify different parameter changes, monitor machine status and predict obstacles, and deal with them in a timely manner, thereby reducing the time required for machine downtime or total maintenance, and reducing operation and maintenance costs. , improve production efficiency and keep the factory running safely.

In addition to helping the development of smart cities at the product level, TE also applies smart technologies to its own production operations to build smart factories. TE’s sensor toolkit based on AI algorithm can communicate with various production equipment in the factory, capture and analyze the operation data of various motion units of the equipment, so as to perform predictive maintenance on the equipment and ensure the stability, efficiency, and reliability of the production equipment. safe operation.

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