Rockwell Automation Upgrades Industrial Computing Portfolio After Acquiring ASEM SpA

Rockwell Automation (NYSE: ROK) today announced the VersaView 6300 series of Allen-Bradley industrial computers, which will be available starting August 2020. The release of the VersaView 6300 series products is another move by Rockwell Automation following the acquisition of ASEM SpA in May 2020 and will significantly enhance the company’s capabilities in industrial PCs (IPC), human machine interfaces (HMI) and secure Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). ) strength in the field of remote access solutions.

With this acquisition, Rockwell Automation also added a state-of-the-art R&D and Manufacturing Excellence Center in Italy, enhancing its ability to provide a high degree of configurability and customization to customers around the world. This range of products is specifically designed to withstand harsh industrial environmental conditions, including washdown applications in food processing and life sciences.

The first deliveries of the new products include a wide range of monitors, industrial PCs, tablets, thin clients and remote connectivity products. Additional models and customization options for the new products will be available over the next year, which will further enhance Rockwell Automation’s industrial computing portfolio.

The VersaView 6300, part of Rockwell Automation’s Industrial IoT computing portfolio, delivers Industrial IoT data to smart devices, machines, and decision-making locations throughout the factory. The VersaView 6300 helps increase the productivity and efficiency of the connected enterprise, especially in the areas of visualization and data integration.

Susana Gonzalez, president of Rockwell Automation Europe, Middle East and Africa, said in the release: “I am very excited to bring ASEM’s technical prowess to the Rockwell Automation product portfolio and to launch the VersaView 6300 series. and excited. Europe has always been a powerhouse for the application of market-leading industrial computing technology. The addition of our advanced technology R&D and manufacturing center in Italy will benefit our customers, especially machine builders, not only in EMEA, It can also benefit customers around the world.”

Renzo Guerra, President and CEO of ASEM, said: “The VersaView family of products incorporates cutting-edge technology, incorporating ASEM’s tradition of excellence, consistent high quality and innovation over the past 40 years. This also marks ASEM in Altenia, Italy. It will open a new chapter in continuing to support and develop advanced industrial automation computing technologies for existing customers, as well as expanding into new markets on a global scale.”

With the VersaView 6300 series, Rockwell Automation will be able to keep pace with evolving trends in IPC technology, such as offering highly scalable tablets such as the VersaView 6300P, giving machine builders greater flexibility to Access and manage relevant data via an industrial computer. At the same time, the VersaView 6300T thin client is designed to support ThinManager to provide an Series alternatives. In addition, highly configurable IPCs (VersaView 6300B) and remote access products complement the initial release and allow Rockwell Automation to rapidly and extensively enhance its ability to provide high-level IPC hardware for existing Well-known software products can be effectively supplemented.

“The VersaView 6300 series will be available in the next few months and will now provide customers with full technical details and specifications for customers considering their New products are included in ongoing and future investment plans. We are very pleased that, on the one hand, we are able to provide customers with comprehensive customization capabilities with the addition of a high-level R&D and manufacturing center for industrial computing solutions; will continue to build our product portfolio in the coming months and beyond.”

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