Cirrus Corporation: CS47048 Audio System-on-Chip Evaluation Solution

Cirrus’ CS470xx series is a new generation of audio system-on-chip (ASOC) 32-bit processors with 300,000,000 multiplication operations per second (MAC/S), targeting high-fidelity cost-sensitive designs. This series integrates S/PDIF Rx, S/PDIF Tx, analog input, analog output and sample rate converter (SRC), which can simplify system design and reduce total system cost. Mainly used in car audio, DTV, MP3 docking station, AVR and DVD Rx, DSP controlled speakers (sound bar, subwoofer).

The CS470xx is a simple but powerful development and pre-production tuning tool using Cirrus’ proprietary DSP Composer GUI. Processing chains can be designed using a drag-and-drop interface, using functional macro audio DSP primitives and custom audio filter modules. The end result is a software picture that is downloaded to the DSP via the serial control port.

The Cirrus Framework programming environment provides assembly language and C language compilers and other development tools to transfer existing code to CS470xx series platforms.

The CS470xx is available in a 100-pin LQ package. FP packages with exposed pads have better heat dissipation. Suitable for commercial (0℃~+70℃) and automotive applications (–40℃~+85℃).

Figure 1 CS47048 block diagram

CS470xx series main features

• Cost-effective, high-performance 32-bit DSP

• 300 000 000 MAC/s (multiplication accumulation per second)

• Dual MAC cycles per clock

• 72-bit accumulator is the highest precision achievable in the industry

• 32k x 32-bit SRAM with three 2k blocks assignable to Y data or program memory

• Integrated DAC and ADC functions

• 8-channel DAC output: 108dB DR, –98dB THD+N

• 4-channel ADC output: 05dB DR, –98dB THD+N

• Integrated 5:1 analog multiplex input with a stereo ADC

• Configurable serial audio input and output

• Integrated 192 kHz S/PDIF Rx

• Integrated 92 kHz S/PDIF Tx

• Supports 32-bit serial data @ 192 kHz

• Supports 32-bit audio sampling I/O between DSP chips

• TDM I/O mode

• Supports different sampling rates (Fs)

• Three integrated SRC modules

• Outputs can be master or slave

• Supports dual domain Fs on S/PDIF and I²S inputs

• DSP toolset with dedicated key protection custom IP

• Integrated clock manager/PLL

• Flexibility to run from internal PLL, external crystal and external oscillator

• Input Fs audio detection function with μC certification

• Host control and startup via I²C or SPI interface

• Configurable GPIO and external interrupt input

• 1.8V core and a 3.3VI/O that can tolerate 5V input

• Low power mode

CS470xx series target applications

• Automotive Head components and Outboard Amplifiers

– Automotive Processors and Automotive Integrated Circuit Sets

• Digital TV

– MP3 docking station

– AVR and DVD Rx

– DSP controlled speakers (subwoofer, soundbar)

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