Huawei P40 mobile phone clone speed exposure: 1GB per minute transfer speed

As we all know, mobile phone cloning is a data transfer function developed by Huawei, which can easily switch phones, import the data of the old phone to the new phone with one click, and is not restricted by brands and systems, and cross-platform mutual transmission is barrier-free (Android/iOS) .

Today, some Weibo netizens posted screenshots of importing chat records from another device and complained: “It’s been all night, and it’s not over yet.” In this regard, Bruce Lee, vice president of Huawei’s mobile phone product line, forwarded the Weibo saying: “Huawei clone is recommended to transfer applications and data. The transmission speed of the existing models of the Mate/P series easily exceeds 100MB/sec. will be faster.”

This also means that the P40 series will be faster than the existing Mate 30 and P30 series using mobile phone clones. We guess that in addition to software optimization, the memory and flash memory upgrades of the P30 series will be of great help.

This function does not require data flow or Wi-Fi. Scan the QR code between the two mobile phones to create a WLAN hotspot for interconnection. Official data shows that Huawei mobile phone clone can achieve a transfer speed of 1GB per minute, without third-party backup, local encrypted network, and more secure data. The new phone will be released globally on March 26.

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