Dalian Dayoushang Group launched a smart doorbell solution based on Realtek RTS3914

On September 19, 2019, Dalian General Holdings, a leading semiconductor component distributor dedicated to the Asia-Pacific market, announced that its subsidiary Youshang has launched a smart doorbell solution based on Realtek’s RTS3914.

In modern society, people always carry their smartphones with them, and all information is immediately available. Using the smart doorbell, whether it is a guest, a courier or a stranger, as long as you press the button on the doorbell, you can transmit your own image, voice and other information to the mobile phone, and make a video call with the other party.

The network image transmission chip launched by Realtek, which is represented by Dalian Dayoushang, adopts a new generation of H.265 image compression technology, plus Realtek’s own WiFi module, codec AEC (Acoustic Echo Cancellation), ISP image adjustment tool, and complete SDK. IO pin setting and function library support can quickly complete development in HW and SW design, greatly reducing system cost.

Dalian Dayoushang Group launched a smart doorbell solution based on Realtek RTS3914

Figure 1 – Dalian Dayoushang launched the Display board of the smart doorbell solution based on Realtek RTS3914

Core technical advantages

【CPU processor】


【Image Compression Processing Capability】

Format: H.265

Support up to 3MP@30fps

【Complete system integration】

Audio codec

Ethernet PHY

DDR Memory

【Multiple peripheral interfaces】

LCD panel interface

SD card / SDIO



【Image Processing (ISP) Core】

Support 3D noise reduction (3DNR), image enhancement, edge enhancement and other preprocessing

Support defogging, lens curvature correction

Support image 90 degree, 270 degree rotation

Support WDR, intelligent infrared light control

Own ISP tuning tool

Figure 2 – The block diagram of the smart doorbell solution based on Realtek RTS3914 launched by Dalian Dayoushang

Program Specifications


OV2710 image sensor

Integration of USB WiFi Module (RTL8188, 8821, 8812, 8192, 8723, 8189)

SPI Flash 16MB / 32MB (selected according to API development requirements)

DMIC & Speaker

1.0V, 1.5V, 3.3V LDO Power


Development environment, it is recommended to use Ubuntu 14.04 LTS for development

Burn image using uBoot TFTP

Complete multimedia development library

P2P solution (connect with Mobile Phone to achieve image display, photo and video recording)

【ISP (Image Processing Engine)】

Provide PC-side adjustment tools, you can adjust the image quality by yourself

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